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About goggles

Whether you swim for fun or serious competition, in the local pool or the open sea, a good pair of goggles can make the whole experience of opening your eyes underwater a lot more pleasant. More importantly, if you have problems with your vision, a good pair of prescription goggles will actually let you see where you’re going… in or out of the water! There are many makes and models of swimming goggles available, from cheap and cheerful imports to the brand names we all know well.

Prescription goggles 

A vast majority of goggles cannot be made to prescription, so DiveSight has narrowed the choice down to a carefully selected few. Unlike dive masks, we have also included one or two popular goggles which, due to their shape and construction, can only be glazed with the manufacturer’s prescription lenses. However, as the visual demands for swimming are not as critical as those for diving… for example, no instruments to read… we consider the approximate correction offered by such goggles will, in most cases, be acceptable over the short periods of time for which they will be worn.

30% discount on a second pair!

If your prescription is such that you really do experience problems without your glasses, it might be worth thinking about a spare pair of goggles. They are a comparatively inexpensive item and they can have a tendency to get lost… especially when you’re on holiday! In fact, a spare pair is such a sensible idea, we will give 30% off the second pair of goggles if you order two identical pairs at once.

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