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About Us

DiveSight is the specialist diving mask division of sight4sport limited, a UK company, set-up in 2005, solely to supply prescription sports eyewear. Masks and goggles supplied by us will give you the optical correction you need to attain optimum enjoyment from your sport . Sight4sport is a UK registered, limited company, registration number 05642834. Our VAT registration number is 901042780.

Qualified and experienced

Our Technical Director has over 30 years experience as an optometrist and a life-long interest and involvement in many sports, including diving. He is also one of the few optometrists in the UK to hold a Certificate in Advanced Studies in Sports Vision.

Totally professional

There are many websites where you can purchase dive masks and swimming goggles, including  so called ‘prescription’ masks and goggles. However, you will find DiveSight different for a number of reasons... Firstly, we only supply eyewear for divers and swimmers who need help with visual correction... we do not supply non-prescription masks or non-corrective goggles, nor do we use ready-made, ‘off-the-shelf lenses’, as offered by many other suppliers of 'prescription’ masks. These lenses are only available in 0.5 dioptre increments and, consequently, can only provide the nearest, approximate correction. ( See our About lenses  page ). All DiveSight masks and goggles are individually prepared to give the exact optical correction you need, as defined by your optician at your most recent eye-test. We do not supply ‘clip-in’ lenses, with all the inherent problems of ‘fogging’... all our dive-mask lenses are permanently bonded to the mask’s standard flat glass. Swimming goggle lenses are complete replacement lenses incorporating your precise prescription.

Wider choice

We offer a wider range of masks than any other website...  including such favourites as the Ultra 2200, the Seac Extreme, the Mares X-Vision and the Tusa Platina. We are adding to our range continually and, being specialists, we can source most makes and models of mask.
If you have a particular favourite that isn’t listed, e-mail your enquiry to info@divesight.co.uk  and we’ll do our best to obtain it, providing, of course, it is suitable for prescription glazing. Choosing which product is right for you is dependent on a number of factors. For help in making the right choice, see the guide lines under the heading Choosing your mask or Choosing your goggles

Here to help

If you already own a favourite mask, but feel you could benefit from having prescription lenses fitted, we can probably help. E-mail details to info@divesight.co.uk  and we will advise on suitability and cost. Obviously, we cannot supply prescription dive masks or goggles without exact details of your prescription. Information on how to supply this will be found under Supplying your Prescription Details

Take a look at the selection of masks and goggles we have available. If you have any queries regarding suitability for your type of usage, your degree of visual correction, or any other related topic, e-mail info@divesight.co.uk

Current research shows that visual accuity has a significant role to play in achieving the full potential your sport has to offer, both in terms of enjoyment and achievement.

DiveSight is here to help.

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