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ATOMIC SUB - starting from £270.10


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Franklin Split lenses
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SP) Standard Prescriptions - up to +/- 10.00 Sph. and up to 4.0 Cyl.
For prescriptions outside these ranges, please call 0114 3273140 for assessment and quotation.

Product Information

The strongest and most indestructible two-lens mask ever... the Atomic Sub is so durable it has a lifetime warranty against frame breakage... this could be the last mask you will ever need to buy! The strength comes from a patented internal SubFrame which provides incredible strength as well as eliminating the bulky external frame. The lenses are held in place by a stainless steel retainer and the Atomic Sub  also features  ULTRACLEAR lens technology, using a new optical quality glass to eliminate the green tint found in normal dive masks. This results in exceptionally high light transmittance and lack of distortion, maximising all of the available light. The Atomic Sub has a silicone rubber skirt and is available in one size only.


Standard Prescription range - up to +/- 10.00 Sph. and up to 4.00 Cyl.

For prescriptions outside these ranges, please call us for assessment and quotation.






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