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It goes without saying that good vision is essential to any sport. Whether you participate at a competitive level, or purely for enjoyment, being able to see ‘properly’ is a major factor.

Some sports can present particular difficulties for spectacle- wearers… none more so than diving. Finding a mask to fit comfortably over spectacles is difficult and wearing contact lenses under a mask can cause discomfort and carries a risk of infection. More often than not, divers simply leave their specs behind and accept the fact that their underwater vision isn’t all they would like it to be.

Well, with DiveSight, those days are over! We’ve focused on your problems, so you can focus on getting the maximum enjoyment from your diving. DiveSight has a wide range of masks, any of which we can glaze with your precise, everyday prescription.

See our full range of masks below.

We do not sell  masks with non-prescription lenses, clip-in lenses, or ‘off-the-shelf’ corrective lenses. Ready-made, 'off-the-shelf', ‘prescription’ dive masks have lenses which come in 0.5 dioptre increments. As a result, they will only be to the nearest approximate power to your prescription, relying on your eye’s flexibility to try and adjust for the uncorrected error. Moreover, these lenses only offer spherical correction , with no correction for any cylindrical  (astigmatic ) element of the defect. ( please refer to the About lenses page )

DiveSight is run by a highly experienced Optometrist who also holds a Certificate in Advanced Studies in Sports Vision. So not only can we offer you the widest choice of top-name masks available, we can also provide the best advice regarding suitability for your particular visual and diving requirements.

If your underwater vision isn’t all it should be, welcome to DiveSight.

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