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TUSA PLATINA - starting from £226.07


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Franklin Split lenses
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SP) Standard Prescriptions - up to +/- 10.00 Sph. and up to 4.0 Cyl.
For prescriptions outside these ranges, please call 0114 3273140 for assessment and quotation.

Product Information

TUSA has carried-out extensive research into ways of improving the diving mask's field of vision. The result is a totally new structure… the Direct Sashing System (D.S.S.). This eliminates the inner frame that traditionally blocks the field of vision and attaches the lenses directly to the frame, for a new super-slim, hi-tec design and lighter weight. This results in a major increase in the upper-lower-left/right visibility range and achieves a major narrowing of the centre joints connecting the left and right lenses to eliminate the vision field split. The 2-window Platina mask, with its superior resistance to water leakage and shock, lets you view with greater freedom and clarity to further enhance your diving pleasure. TUSA has made painstaking analyses of the features of the human face (including skin and facial bones) to lighten the load and any abnormal feeling when attaching the mask to the face. The new design is compact with a superior fit and stylish appearance. The width of this mask is smaller than many, making it a perfect choice for women, or anyone with a thinner face.

Ideal for underwater photography.

The Platina is ideal for divers who enjoy underwater photography. In addition to its super-thin design, it minimizes frame protrusion to bring the lens and finder closer to each other, making focusing feel more natural. The Platina QB, made with black silicone to eliminate latent light, lets you concentrate more on the viewfinder and to release the shutter at the ideal moment.


Standard Prescription range - up to +/- 10.00 Sph. and up to 4.00 Cyl.

For prescriptions outside these ranges, please call us for assessment and quotation.




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