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 Scubadviser gives divers easy access to reviews on dive centres and liveaboards all over the world using information contributed by divers themselves.

There are so many sites where you can get opinions and information about every aspect of travel, shopping... you name it, its there.  But what about diving?

Let's face it, having a bad diving experience is not like staying in a bad hotel - the risks are considerable - divers can (and have) died.  Most popular diving resorts have a choice of dive centres and operators.  How do you know which is the best for you? 

The success of Scubadviser is purely in the hands of the divers who visit us and give us their feedback.  

For our part, we will strive to deliver the most up-to-date and accurate information we can. We will listen and (if appropriate) act upon your feedback so please keep talking to us.  




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