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Supplying your prescription details

The regulations

Unfortunately, we are unable to supply masks or goggles if you are partially-sighted, or registered blind and we cannot supply to anyone under 16 years of age. DiveSight is a professional optical service and we are not here just to sell you a dive mask or swimming goggles, we are here to optimise your underwater vision and maximise your diving pleasure. To do this, we need to be absolutely certain that the prescription details you provide are completely accurate and less than two years old.

It is very important that we have your precise prescription details and ophthalmic regulations require us to see a copy of your actual prescription form. Ideally, we need to see this at the time the order is placed.

This can be scanned and e-mailed, or sent as a hard copy. Address details are shown below. This is to safeguard your interest, as your mask will be custom-glazed and cannot be offered for resale.


If it is not possible to send your prescription at the time of ordering - and your order is urgent, we are prepared to proceed on the basis of the prescription details given on your order form. If however these subsequently prove to be at variance with your actual prescription, we will have to make a charge for the correct replacement lenses and reglazing. If you do not fully understand the information on your prescription, just call us on 0114 3273140 and we will do our best to clarify matters. We are required to see a copy of the prescription prior to dispatching your order.

Send a copy of your prescription by...

1)    Scan and e-mail to info@divesight.co.uk
2)    Photocopy and post to Sight4sport limited, Unit 3, Carlisle House, Carlisle Street East, Sheffield, S4 7QN
Please ensure that your opticians name and address are clearly visible on the prescription.

*Opticians, like doctors, are not known for their handwriting - if you are unable to read your prescription, simply send us a copy by any of the above methods and we will decipher it for you and e-mail the information so that you may proceed with your order.

Reading your prescription

We will need the figures for sphere ( Sph ), cylinder ( Cyl ), axis and Add ( You can read more about these on our About lenses and About eyesight pages ) Don't worry if your prescription doesn't have figures for all of these categories – this simply means that you don't need this correction. Your prescription will look something like this:

Simply read off the figures and enter the values in the appropriate boxes when asked during checkout.

Pupilliary Distance

Last, but not least, we will need a very simple measurement, to ensure you get the very best results from your mask or goggles. This is the measurement of the distance between your pupils, ( your PD ) when looking straight ahead. An accurate PD measurement enables us to position the optical centres of the lenses exactly in-line with the centres of your eyes, to ensure maximum visual comfort. You can either use a mirror to take the PD measurement yourself, or get a friend to assist you. The easiest way is to take a piece of firm card and hold it below your eyes and then make a pencil mark directly in line with each pupil and measure the distance between the two marks in millimetres.( mm. ) A typical adult measurement will be between 58 and 70mm.

Simply enter this measurement in the appropriate box during checkout.  That’s all there is to it.


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